The Pershing Foundation is working to build a full staff.  We hope to have several people working together in each area to make the work easier.

Development Staff

Donations Committee

Planning quarterly campaigns, tracking donations in coordination with Treasurer, and donor relations.

Fundraising Committee

Creating fundraising ideas, running the Joint Fundraising Program in coordination with Treasurer, planning Fundraising Seminars, making sure fundraising ideas are on the website, planning fundraising events in coordination with the Donations Committee.

Volunteer Standby Team

Promoting Pershing Rifles Foundation at local, area or national events while conducting small fundraising. This committee coordinates with both the Fundraising Committee and the Marketing Committee.  This committee could also be called on for projects that are in the development stage, such as Educational Travel.  Volunteers could also facilitate Fundraising Seminars.

Incoming Grants Committee

Searching for grants to support our programs, submitting grant applications in coordination with the CEO and tracking progress of grant applications.

Communications Staff

Marketing Committee

Develops communications plan, develops materials for events and for Volunteer Standby Team,  work with Webmaster to keep the website up to date, write our monthly Pershing Rifles Foundation Update, working with the Donations Committee for the 4 Update that are our quarterly campaigns.

IT Committee

Develop technology plan for the Foundation, insuring that we have up to date, yet cost efficient technology, implementing and training board and staff in new technology systems, handle any technology problems)


Keep the website up to date.

Social Media Team

Working together to give coordinated information on as many social media sites as possible. Coordinates with the Marketing Committee.

Program Staff

Scholarship Committee

Sets standards for each year’s scholarships in coordination with the Chief Executive Officer, track incoming scholarship applications for completeness and pass to the Board of Directors for approval in a timely fashion, making sure that the Scholarship website page is kept up to date.

Outgoing Grants Committee

Sets the standards for any grant offerings, reviewing grant applications in coordination with the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors, who approve grants, making sure any requirements of a grant are complied with, making sure that the Grants website page is kept up to date.

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We are excited about hearing from any potential volunteer.  Let us know more about your interest in the Pershing Rifles Foundation Volunteer Opportunities.


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