How to Get Involved in Joint Fundraising


Right now, Pershing Rifles Foundation is looking for a few test Joint Fundraising Projects so we can double check our system.  The guidelines for the test projects should be the same as these guidelines, but could be changed a little.


  • Currently, Joint Fundraising is to support college units that help develop future military and civilian leaders

  • The fundraising effort should be less than a year in duration with the goal of bringing in $1,000 or less in funds. But units will be able to start a new effort once one is finished.  This guideline is to make our bookkeeping easier.

  • Once a unit (or alumni doing a fundraiser for a unit) contact us on the form below, we will work out an agreement on what is expected on each side and what the percentage Pershing Rifles Foundation gets for set up and financial tracking.

  • The unit or alumni will be expected to give some good input on the creation of the fundraising page, but the Marketing Committee of Pershing Rifles Foundation will make changes that help make the page the best it can be.

What the unit or alumni will get:

  • A page on our Fundraising Page that gives information on what the fundraising is for with suggested giving

  • A direct link to the page, as well as a Text to Give code.

  • Tracking the donors and the donations coming in.

  • The use of your own page prevents money for your campaign from getting mixed up with other campaigns. You will even see on your page who has give and how much they have given.

  • Your fundraising page will be on our Fundraising Page on this website.

What is expected of the unit or alumni:

  • Make sure that many people get the link and encourage them to do peer-to-peer fundraising.

  • Promote the fundraising several times during the time frame of your campaign.

Our Goal is to Announce the Start of Joint Fundraising in March 2020 after the test period has been completed.

Want to be part of our test projects?

All of our test projects should be for funding Pershing Rifles Active Units, Pershing Angels Collegian Units.

Those running the fundraiser could be members of the unit or alumni/alumnae wanted to help their unit.  Pershing Rifles Alumni should be paid members of the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association.  Pershing Angel Alumnae should be paid members of Pershing Angles.  The alumni/alumnae coordinator needs to be working with the unit to determine their needs and insure that they will help with the fundraising effort.

If you are interested, fill in the form below completely and will will be getting in touch with you.


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