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Current Grant Status:  No funds available for grants

About Pershing Foundation Grants

Our grants are for ROTC related organizations for program and projects.  Because we are a small, volunteer run Foundation, we will not give grants to organizations that pay salaries.

Because the Pershing Rifles Foundation is about teaching leadership, we expect that groups applying for our grants have done some fundraising efforts as an organization before applying for a grant.

Here are some ways the Pershing Rifles Foundation can help you with your initial fundraising:

Check out our Fundraising Ideas page.

Find out when our next Fundraising Seminar will be held

You can also participate in our Joint Fundraising Program.

Note:  All grant recipients are expected to send digital pictures and an impact statement so that the Pershing Rifles Foundation can use them in newsletters and fundraising efforts to get more donations for our grants program.

How to apply for a grant with Pershing Foundation:

Step 1: Get our Grant Application in one of two ways.

     1)  Download and print the non-fillable PDF version

     2_  Send an email to CEO@Grissette.com to get the fillable PDF version

Step 2:  Fill in the details on your organization and your grant request.  Please make the request detailed and understandable.

Step 3:  Get all the information required for your size of grant request and organization.

Step 4:  Get required signatures on the grant application (the fillable version will have to be printed first) and then sign it.

Step 5:  Scan the completed grant application to PDF format.

Step 6:    Send the grant application and required information to CEO@Grissette.com

Basic Information on the Grant Process

Our normal turn-around time is 2 to 3 months.  Please let us know if your grant is time sensitive (including why and the date needed) when you send the grant application.

Indicate if you are willing to go on our waiting list if we don’t have any grant funds available at the time of your application.

You will be notified of the status of your grant application as it is being processed.  If your grant is approved by our Board of Directors, our Treasurer will be contacting your organization to get the grant to you in a timely fashion.

Financial         Documents

Pershing Rifles Foundation, Inc has a 501 (c) 3 tax status and is registered in the state of Delaware.  Pershing Foundation is a DBA registered in the state of Delaware.  See our contact page for our contact information. 

We cannot fulfill our mission without donations.  We have a variety of ways to give on our Donate page.

Each month we send out an email newsletter “Pershing Rifles Foundation Update”.  Go to our Update page to get on our mailing list or change your contact information.

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