Fundraising Ideas

Pershing Rifles Foundation believes in helping any way we can and not all of the helping is in the form of giving money.  This Fundraising Ideas Page and our Fundraising Seminars are examples of this kind of help.   This page will always be changing, so check it out.  Share your ideas by using the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Do a shoe drive

  • Sell goodies  in the dorms to those who get hungry when they are studying, but make sure you have all necessary permissions before you start.   Some ideas: donuts, candy, finals energy packs.

  • Plan a party of some kind on campus and sell tickets.  Make sure you know the costs before you set the ticket price.

  • Each Wal-Mart store had an employee controlled community charity fund.  Plan early and know that a community disaster could cause you to lose the funding.

  • Dinners for area Veteran's Organization

  • Car Wash (and wax?) or a variation if you are near water.....a Boat Wash.

  • Raffle (if legal in your state)

  • Selling firewood

  • Selling food at campus events

  • Cleaning up after sports events

  • Painting mail boxes (flags or other designs)

  • Selling Halloween Insurance (you'll come out and clean up for them if they have "issues")


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