The Pershing Foundation appreciates our donors.  Without donors we could do nothing.  Our donors new have options on how they can donate.  We still have our traditional PayPal donation link.

We have added 2 links to donation pages on our new fundraising platform.  This system allows donors to reach out to their friends and help make our donation pages “go viral”.  Once you have given your donation, just click on the “I Want to Help with this Fundraiser” button and follow the instructions.

The giving page also gives you the opportunity to help us raise more money by contacting your friends about it.  Just click on the “I Want to Help….” Button.  Follow the instructions and you will get a link to a duplicate page made just for you.

We have also added a “Give While You Shop” section.

Pershing Rifles Foundation appreciate your giving, whether it is large or small and we hope that you will select to give monthly.  Giving monthly gives us the confidence in our budgeting.  Our ongoing donors help potential grant makers see that there is support for what Pershing Rifles Foundation its programs.

Donate by Pay Pal

Go to our Pay Pal Donations page

Donate on our Fundraising Page

Click here for our Fundraising Page

If you would prefer to donate without a processing fee, you can donate with a check or e-check sent to our Treasurer, Stephen Paluska at 6809 Old Stone Fence Rd, Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039-1847

If you are interested in setting up a direct deposit donation, contact our Chief Executive Director at and she will give you the information after verifying who you are.  We have to be very careful in using this method.

Donate to show your support for our Program and Projects Grants

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Other ways you can give.


Give While You Shop

Amazon Smile

Go to Amazon Smile.  Log in as you normally do.  Select Pershing Rifles Foundation, Inc as your non profit for giving. Then always remember to shop at  Yes, you will still get Amazon Prime and you will see if an item you buy qualifies as a product for the donation from Amazon.  It's really easy.

Giving Assistant

This is a rebates style website that allows you to donate the rebates to Pershing Rifles Foundation.  Just go to our link and start giving while you shop with them.

Give to Joint Fundraising Projects

We are in the process of starting our Joint Fundraising programs.

Our first step is to do several test unit fundraisers.  We hope to be rolling out the full program in March 2020.

Go to the Joint Fundraising Page for the current guidelines on participation and any current projects looking for funding.


Financial         Documents

Pershing Rifles Foundation, Inc has a 501 (c) 3 tax status and is registered in the state of Delaware.  Pershing Foundation is a DBA registered in the state of Delaware.  See our contact page for our contact information. 

We cannot fulfill our mission without donations.  We have a variety of ways to give on our Donate page.

Each month we send out an email newsletter “Pershing Rifles Foundation Update”.  Go to our Update page to get on our mailing list or change your contact information.

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