Welcome to the website of Pershing Rifles Foundation.  Be sure to come back again, because we will be making changes and additions over time.

The Pershing Rifles Foundation was established by alumni of the National Society of Pershing Rifles.  Therefore, we hold the same core values.  As the Foundation grows, so will our program outreach.

Our Mission

The Mission of Pershing Rifles Foundation is supporting Leadership Development, Academic Scholarship, and Developing Future Military and Civilian Leaders.  Our Mission also includes keeping the legacy of General of the Armies John J. Pershing alive for future generations.

Our mission limits funding to those individuals, events, causes, and organizations that support youth leadership development.

Things Pershing Rifles Foundation Has Been Doing

  • We have giving Leadership Scholarships since we started.

  • We partnered with a film company to create the newly released documentary, “Pershing’s Path to Glory”.  ROTC and JR0TC cadets participated in the movie.

  • In the spring of 2018, we gave a major grant to The Pershing Rifles Group.

Awarding a Scholarship

The Pershing Rifles Foundation’s Leadership Scholarship program is our original program and it has helped quite a few students.  One of our college level recipients told us that she would have had to drop out of college if it hadn’t been for the scholarship.  She is now a college graduate thanks to people who have donated to Pershing Rifles Foundation.

C-4 Kathleen Close fall 2018

Our newest offering will soon be starting.  It is Program and Projects grants for units of organizations mentioned in our Mission Statement.  Once they are available, the will be on our grants page.

Moving into the Future

Besides the Program and Projects Grants, Pershing Rifles Foundations plans to start our Joint Fundraising Program by March 2020, as well as giving the first Fundraising Seminar at the same time.  We are collecting ideas to give at the Seminar and will also be posting them on the website.

The Pershing Foundation is building our staff so we can do all the things we are working on now.  See our Volunteer Page to see what Staff we are looking for.


Financial         Documents

Pershing Rifles Foundation, Inc has a 501 (c) 3 tax status and is registered in the state of Delaware.  Pershing Foundation is a DBA registered in the state of Delaware.  See our contact page for our contact information. 

We cannot fulfill our mission without donations.  We have a variety of ways to give on our Donate page.

Each month we send out an email newsletter “Pershing Rifles Foundation Update”.  Go to our Update page to get on our mailing list or change your contact information.

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